Its Takes Four Weeks To Change Your Body...Its Takes 8 Weeks For Your Near & Dears ...Its Takes 12 Weeks To Reach Your Transformation ... Heartly Congratulations to Our Clients...According to Our Records those who Reduced Healthy Weight Loss and got more Inch Loss in Our 7 Days weekly Moderate Exercise & Vigorous Activity Programs. Shireen 6:00Am Batch 12.0Kgs Deepthi.k 9:30 AM Batch 15.0Kgs Madhavi 9:30 AM Batch 14.0Kgs Meena 9:30 AM Batch 12.0Kgs Manasa 8:00 PM Batch 12.0Kgs Sujitha 7:30 AM Batch 10.0Kgs Prabavathi 9:30 AM Batch 10.0Kgs Aravinda 11:00AM Batch 10.0Kgs Bhavna 8:00 AM Batch 10.0Kgs Kavya 6:00 AM Batch 9.0Kgs Sushmita 6:00 AM Batch 9.0Kgs Satya 6:00 AM Batch 9.0Kgs PavaniReddy 9:30 AM Batch 9.0Kgs Yamini 9:30 AM Batch 9.0Kgs MounikaReddy6:00 PM Batch 9.0Kgs Renuka Devi 6:00 AM Batch 8.0Kgs Sangeetha 9:30 AM Batch 8.0Kgs Mounika 9:30 AM Batch 8.0Kgs Sirisha 6:00 PM Batch 8.0Kgs Sushmitha 6:00 PM Batch 7.5Kgs Neerja 9:30 Am Batch 7.0Kgs Sunitha 9:30 AM Batch 7.0kgs Lakshmi 11:00AM Batch 7.0Kgs RathnaKumari11:00AM Batch 7.0Kgs HariPriya 9:30AM Batch 7.0Kgs Vimala 9:30AM Batch 7.0Kgs Niharika 6:00AM Batch 7.0Kgs Gayathri 4:00PM Batch 7.0Kgs PrasanaLaxmi6:00AM Batch 6.5Kgs L.Prasanna 9:30AM Batch 6.0Kgs Aneesha 6:00AM Batch 5.0Kgs Mounika 9:30AM Batch 5.0Kgs Good Luck ...! Stay Healthy & Wealthy & Be FIT Always....! Keep Going Untill Your BMI "Your Transformation is our Passion" -Leonas Fitness Studio For More Details ..Please Contact Us 9441781602.

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