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About Leona's fitness Studio

Let's Begin You On a Path towards Realizing your Weight Loss & Inch Loss,belly Loss targets and Fitness goals ...! Its best way to get Started...Join Today..!

Welcome to Leona's Women's Fitness Studio, Hyderabad. LFS Situated in the Vivekananda nagar colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad in the State of Telangana South India. Operating Succefully three years , achieving phenomenal results, with a fast growing reputation for excellence. The main idea of Our programs is to provide a full package of services for people who want to transform thier physical appearance and Weight loss,inch loss and regeneration of strength and improvement of physical condition and also well-being. Physical activity, good-condition, Fitness, Stamina,Endurance are things that we strive for; they add health, self-confidence and improve well-being. Leona's Fitness Studio is a best Fitness & Healthy Weight Loss Studio For Women's and Obesity Children. Our Programs Well designed for Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Quick Fat Burn, Belly Loss, Strength, Stamina, Improve Body Metabolism, Increase Vitality. And Leona's Seven Days weekly Programs to Transform Your Physique. LFS moderate Exercising (Moderate-intensity activities),Light-intensity activity, for Your body Fitness & also helps for your total Body Toning. And all of our Leona's Vigorous Activity Programs best Suitable Physical Activity for pupils those who had been suffering With like, Reproductive Hazards, PCOD, PCOS,Thyroid, Diabetes, High&Low Blood Pleasure. Choose the goal that is MOST important to you, and the workouts that are shown will be geared more toward your chosen goal.




There are many benefits, aerobic exercise impulses the heart and circulatory system of the body, further than the easy pace of many every day activities. This stress obliges the body to adapt causing many changes which benefit us in lots of ways. The health benefits we obtain of the aerobic exercise are almost vital, not only does this kind of exercise help to regulate weight; it also limits the opportunities of developing many frequent illness and diseases.

The important benefits are:

  • 1. The heart operates more efficient and becomes more stronger.
  • 2. It helps to control your weight.
  • 3. Decreases the risk in developing diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.
  • 4. There is an augment in good cholesterol and reduction in bad cholesterol.
  • 5. It augments endorphins.
  • 6. Augments the body's efficiency to take in oxygen and makes you breathe faster.
  • 7. It helps to reduce and regulate the body fat.
  • 8. Increases the body muscle strength and elasticity.
  • 9. Increases the quality of sleep that refreshes you early next morning.
  • 10. Helps to decrease chronic diseases like heart disease and hypertension.
  • 11. Aerobics intensify the resistance fatigue and gives you more vigor and energy.
  • 12. Recovers your mood and decreases the depression, stress and anxiety.
  • 13. It avoids overheating.
  • 14. Aerobics pushes the blood faster and more energetically.
  • 15. Helps in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • 16. Sculptures muscles of the body and makes your body more flexible.
  • 17. Helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • 18. Prevents from certain types of cancer also.
  • 19. Keeps your levels of body mass stable burning fat because their combined exercises. Calculate your body mass to get an idea of what you need to put your own goal to achieve. Your BMI is based on your height and weight, and it's one way to see if you're at a healthy weight. In general aerobics burns your fat.
  • 20. Aerobics provides a long life, a health life and happiness. Increases a positive attitude in you and modifies your perception of looking towards life.


We Are The Best In Personal Training
For Weight Loss

Personal Training

Personal training is a set of exercises performed under the supervision of a experienced person who not only trains them to perform properly but also supervises, monitors the results and, above all, motivates them to act. Leonas Fitness Studio will not only provide you with various opportunities for losing weight, but also to train you in motivation to keep that weight off. There are lots of advantages in hiring a personal trainer in LFS. First and the foremost, your trainer is in the area so will keep to the set appointment. You do not have to take out additional time from your daily schedule to travel to another area in Hyderabad. You will also get personal attention as your personal trainer would be completely concentrating on your training, rather than splitting her attention throughout a group. There are many different areas that LFS would be able to help you with. LFS would be able to plan your diet chart to your unique requirements. LFS can also advise what foods to avoid that may add extra calories in your body. After all, the main aim of a personal trainer is to not only get you fit but get you into a good shape.

Why is personal training important?

-Being fit helps gives you the opportunity to be active, Better Executive Function, More Energy, Less Stress, A Clear Mind, Confidence, balance Weight, running along the beach, going for outdoor walks, travelling to exotic places and playing sport.
-You can labour away at a gym unproductively for years or come and see a personal trainer like us for fast and effective results.
-LFS take into account proportion and posture, first guiding you to sculpt your body in an anatomically correct way.
-Sessions are bespoke, designed to your particular needs focusing on your goals.
-Just because you havent achieved something in the past, doesnt mean that you cant achieve it in the future. Have the shape you want and have always dreamed of. Dont believe that not everyone can have a best-shape with the right dedication you can.

Our clients range from busy professionals to people who have flexible hours or are making the choice to change. We have helped hundreds of people lose up to six waist sizes and, moreover and stay there. We need to know where you want to get to, how you want to look and how you want to feel better. Once we know, it is our target to get you there! we change/transform the lives ! we will turn around the way you live. -Thanking You..!


Our Results

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Strength & Endurance

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. Aerobic exercise is exercise that is energetic enough and vigorous, lasts long enough and is done regularly enough to keep your heart and lungs in good conditions. Aerobic exercises burn fat faster than any other type of exercise. Aerobics is a type of physical exercise that integrates rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the objective of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). The heart operates more efficient and becomes more stronger.It helps to control your weight Decreases the risk in developing diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.Aerobics provides a long life, a health life and happiness.Increases a positive attitude in you and modifies your perception of looking towards life

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Benefits of Using An Fit Ball Workout can help improve muscle tone and balance. Fit Balls can increase muscle strength and strengthen all of the principal muscle groups.Not only do they add an enjoyable element to a standard fitness regiment, but they have significant physical benefits as well, primarily due to the unstable ball surface which requires increased activation of the core musculature. Workout with a fitness ball can increase muscle tone, increase muscle endurance and strength, restore or improve flexibility, enhance spinal stability, complement your resistance. Fitballs Workouts help strengthen abdominal muscles and lower back muscle. These muscles in turn help to maintain core stability. it Increases resistance to injury, Strengthens abdominal and back muscles.

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Leona's Medicine Ball Program will improve your hand-eye coordination, balance. Medicine Ball can Improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion. They are an easy way to add resistance training to your abdominal workouts they are a creative way to change up your strength training routine. Medicine balls are an effective strength training tool for building core strength & Stamina. these workouts will help you target your oblique muscles more effectively. they makes it easy to target different muscle groups and get a pretty intense workout. it does not put any pressure on your joints, while you strength train with it and will help give you a good workout without the risk of an injury. The medicine ball exercises certainly would be very intense that will really get you results.

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LFS Cardio workouts can contribute to all your fitness goals. The benefits of cardio workouts are abundant,& Weight loss & Inch Loss and they can improve your flexibility and increase your range of motionStronger heart and lungsIncreased bone density.Reduced stress.And they are an effective strength training tool for building core strength & Stamina. Reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.Temporary relief from depression and anxiety. More confidence about how you feel and how you look&Better sleep. All the Benefits of Cardio Exercises are Weight loss,Increased bone density,Reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer,Reduced stress,Temporary relief from depression and anxiety,Stronger heart and lungs,more confidence about how you feel and how you look better sleep& more energycardio exercise helps people both prevent Type 2 diabetes and manage its symptoms mostly by improving the way the body uses blood sugar. A single session of cardio has been found to increase insulin action and glucose tolerance for more than 24 hours; one week of it can improve whole-body insulin sensitivity.

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The benefits of LFS ABS Circuites workouts are many, developing your midsection has positive benefits when it comes to daily function, sports performance and physical health. Strengthening and tightening your oblique muscles can contribute to a smaller waist, stronger core and better shape to your entire midsection. LFS provides in the Each Session different types of Stomach Fat Burning Ab Workouts.Those exercises options are endless Each circuit involves some sort of plank variation, because they are great at activating your whole core. Abs Workouts can increase Abdominal muscle strength and helping to burn calories and blast through fat. Workout with a Abs Circuites can Reduce Belly Fat,Quality Posture, build abdominal strength and stability that supports a healthy back. increase Abdominal muscle endurance,strength&improve flexibility.AB Workouts help strengthen abdominal muscles and lower back muscle. Reduce back pain, and improve posture These muscles in turn help to maintain core stability. These creative ab exercises to strengthen and slim your tummy&forming a powerful axis for your whole body.

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Training with kettlebells is not designed to increase muscle mass but rather to build strength by increasing the amount of lean muscle tissue.Increasing lean muscle tissue results in strength without bulk and a lean-looking appearance. they are effective at increasing strength by using full-body functional movements that incorporate several muscle groups for each exercise. Kettlebells are great for Cardio,strength, and flexibility training. picking up the weight of clients choice-women usally grab between 4&8, while men go for 8to16 or else 32, though these weights vary depending on the exercises of choise. Kettlebell training is quick and enjoyable, which is one of the reasons you will stick with it.And you are only doing it twice a week so you dont have a chance to get bored. Strengthens every muscle from head-to-toe.Kettlebell training consists of whole-body movement exercises.Its well-known that compound, whole body movements typical of kettlebell exercises are isolate muscles for improving muscle tone, body composition. Further, kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury.

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Satisfied Clients Say

I Got Overall body toning, strength and stamina has improved

Hi, This is Renuka Vannela. Leona fitness studio have given me a very great transformation. Within 4 months 25 days there were 8 Kgs weight loss and good inch loss in addition to this overall body toning, strength and stamina has improved. Though it’s a Aerobics’s studio but weekly programs were designed in unique way. Actually I have been addicted after seeing the results. Thanks to Leona’s. -Mrs. Renuka Vannela

The programme are different from day-to-day Losed 8.5kgs

Hi this is mounika. I have taken 6 monthes course .I JUST completed 4 months. In this duration I lost 8.5kgs weight and inch loss the stamina has grown up the flexibility of the body has been done. The programme are different from day-to-day. The exercise are different. For weight reduction for women is very good. It is not borring like gym .flexible timings it is very comfortable to do workouts.-Mrs.Mounika Mullapudi

Helped Me Put down 6 kgs of Weight

Leona's studio helped me put down 6kgs of weight and could see inch loss clearly on all the fat areas.The best thing about these workouts is we can reduce the fat naturally which will help in not re-gaining again. I could find a lot of transformation before and after joining Leona's fitness Studio. Being Regular and following day-to-day workouts can help out gain strength and reduce the weight. Thank you Leona's studio for making this possible. -Lekya Reddy IBM

I, Reduced 7.7 KGS, Im totally happy with this Weight

Hi all,this is susmitha ,when I joined in this gym my weight is 87.7 kg In three months ,I reduced 7.7 KGS,I m totally happy vth this. Again I did renewal in this gym for 3 months Gym trainer took personal interest on every exercise v did n my personal opinion is that ,I increased my stamina,n reduced weight n maintain diet also Mis.Sushmitha. -Seelamanthula, Ph.D

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